Čapkovič has hurt the Slovak Open favorite

BRATISLAVA. Among Sergiy Stachovsky (61rd ATP) and Kamil Čapkovič (251st) there are almost two places in the world ranking but in their first match in the first round of the Slovak Open it was not known.

A balanced tennis was played at the central tennis court of the National Tennis Center. The Ukrainian Stachovsky better handled the endings of the two sets. He moved on to 7: 6 (4), 7: 5.

“So we know Sergiom well, we’ve often trained together, and we did not have to be surprised,” said Čackovič, a 196-cm tall, who qualified for the main competition. He played four matches in three days, and in the end he was staying with Stachovsky. The Slovak tennis player led in the second round 4: 2, but the opponent soon settled and turned the development to his advantage.He was not trained because of the disease

“Before the tournament in Bratislava, I had to miss the tennis because of the two-week illness, and that was my performance,” added the 25-year-old Bratislava. “I felt I was not trained, I did not believe it.

Stachovskij dropped out of the ATP tournament in Paris in the second round last week, so he has been prolonging the season for the challengers in Bratislava, where he has been preparing for the NTC for the past four years. “I would like to fight for the final.” Said the second highest-placed player of the Slovak Open tournament.

Philip Horanski, French Stephan Robert, fell to 2: 6, 6: 7 in the first round of the Slovak Open.Mladý Slovák started the game nervously, but in the second he was leading 5: 2, but he did not use the promise and lost in the secret.

On Tuesday’s main program, Lukáš Lacko (SR) plays with tournament unit Lukasz Kubot from Poland at 16.30. There are five Slovaks in the main competition of the men’s tournament and in the “spider” of the women’s ITF tournament up to eight Slovak tennis players. The tournament will culminate on Sunday.

Singles – Round 1: Sergij Stachovskij (2-Ukr.) – Kamil Čapkovic (SR) 7: 6 > Stephane Robert (8-Fr.) – Filip HORANSKY (SR) 6: 2, 7: 6 (5)