Cibulkova: I am experiencing difficult times

In the middle of last season featured DOMINIKA CIBULKOVÁ Roland Garros semi-final after the twelfth place ranking and predicted her great future. They came, however, injuries, coaching change and fall to the currently 44th rung scoring.

“Very well. From clay tournament when I missed the national team match in Serbia, everything is fine. I have to knock in this respect everything is as it should be. “

” cud casinos best time and I want out of this training get. Every tennis player has moments that once up and other times he fails. right now I’m trying to get over it worse, but also need a little luck.Against the finalist of Wimbledon Zvonareva in San Diego or the Bondarenko’s in Cincinnati gonna miss a lot that I won, I just missed chances after all won set. “

” I was even harder lot, but it do not want to make excuses. for example Zvonareva I was almost on the blades and when I it should definitely break, I made a mistake and got it back into play. I need to improve wrestling confidence to me in those moments was missing. on the other hand, I do not want to create for ourselves unnecessary pressure . ”

“The coach is a big part player, and changes are always reflected somewhere. At the beginning of the season I was not a happy choice, with coach Bulant we sit down.Then I was looking for more new coach, then he bailed out Peter Hrunčák, with whom we have a great relationship. Finally, I decided to Zeljko Krajan and yet to regret. “

” Zeljko Krajan is a strict coach, but one hundred percent professional. They teach me new things and practicing like underneath well, in addition to understand outside court , making our cooperation works perfectly. but it is not easy to immediately transfer everything into the match, but I will certainly try. in short, I have a very good coach who I believe what is most important for me. ”

“I honestly have to say that this period is quite difficult for me.I have to wade through everything and fight your way. People around me repeat that big winnings were never born as easily and thus the dishes. I certainly was after losing sad and disappointed but life goes on, I therefore positive. Tennis is a very dynamic sport, every week a new tournament, a new challenge, which gives you a chance to fairly quickly forget about failure. “

” Now I’m in Cincinnati, from there we go to the big tournament in Toronto, then I still waiting for an event in New Heavey and finally the US Open. the objectives we have not designated. Last year I was injured at the end of the season, so I am not advocating any points and I can go into the game with a clear head. “