ME in Athletics: All three Czech javels are in the final

Kladivářka Kateřina Šafránková, výškařka Michaela Hrubá, discus thrower Eliška Staňková and dálkař Radek Juška advanced to the European Championship in Amsterdam Without any difficulty in the final. From the start of one hundred he went to the semifinals Jan Veleba for 10.30 seconds.

Jakub Vadlejch won the 85.06 meter qualifying group B and overall was the second in front of the silver defender Vítězslav Veselý, who advanced his best this year 84.82 meters. The final was secured by Jaroslav Jilek with a throw of 81.09 meters.Jan Železný was left at home by Petr Frydrych, who dropped 84.10 meters in Ireland last week.

The defending champion of the bronze medal from Zurich also jumped in the fight for the medal in Jan Jan Kudlicka. His successful first attempt at 535 cm was successful, fifteen men eventually advanced to the medal struggle. Among them were former Czech record maker Michal Balner, who did 535 to the second time, and Lukáš Posekaný, who did not skip 535 at all.

The finisher of the title Antti Ruuskanen was the second best performer in the world, 88.23 meters . On the other hand, his compatriot Tero Pitkämäki, last year’s bronze medalist, will be missing in the final as well as Johannes Vetter from Germany this year.Only one qualifying round (83.98) was enough for the smooth run of the table leader Thomas Röhler.

For the first time in the history of the continental championship, some of the technical competitions outside the stadium took place. Qualification in the javelin throw and the disc of both categories takes place at the Museumplein plain, the finals will be at the main Olympic stadium.

This has to be compared with Vadlejch. “But it was all I was doing in peace, at ease,” said the best Czech season. The three Czechs were delighted in the final. “It is absolutely great after the ride that Jarda (Jílek) had with his shoulder last month,” said Vadlejch.

Kudlička did not expect such a weak performance to be enough for the final. And thanks to his permission that he will not go on, 15 rods have advanced.If Kudlicka jumped successfully, several opponents would be eliminated. “It was not needed, it will be more, it does not matter, they are my debtors, I made a gesture and I promised some beers,” he smiled.

“The conditions were horrible, a bad wind blew, no one jumped much,” he said. That’s why he was pleased that he had a valid attempt in the competition and saved his strength. The final is in Amsterdam on Friday. “But it does not matter if you make a jump, the most demanding is to sit there and wait, you have to keep warm and somehow move,” he pointed out.

Canad’s first gold

The first gold medal in Amsterdam was won by Turkish persecutor Yasemin Canova.The 19-year-old Kenyan woman won the 10,000-meter run at 31: 12,86 with a six-second lead over Dulce Félix from Portugal. The 23-year-old British gold medalist Jo Pavey finished fifth. Vít Müller and Michal Brož advanced to the 400m hurdles in the semi-finals. They did not get straight ahead, but it was time for them – Müller ran 50.80, Broz was three hundred slower.They both complained about the wind.

“The first two hundred meters was blowing a lot, so I had to stretch out enough and my powers were gone,” Müller said. “I felt that maybe three hundred yards were blowing,” Broz added. “The wind was mad, it was not going well, but I’m happy to do it, and I hope it will be better tomorrow,” said Broz.

Markéta Červenková in the qualification failed, dropped 16.56 meters The final twelve was down by three decimetres. In the decade, Adam Sebastian Helcelet will go to the second half of the 11th and Marek Lukas from the 21st place.

In the final is the hammer Šafránková and the height Hrubá

Hammock Šafránková with the second throw 70,04 meters long met the qualification limit and four inches. Gross jumped the required 192 cm as well as the previous heights for the first time. Staňková had one attempt that measured 60.32 meters. Juška showed the second best career performance of 811 cm in the third series and in the qualification finished second behind Sweden Michele Tornéus (819 cm).

“Before the start I was very nervous, which was signed at the first try,” said Šafránková To a throw below 64 meters. “But in the second round, I straightened and quite relieved that it was over 70 meters.In the final it will be open and anything can happen, “said the Czech record player and the fourth women’s qualification.

The jam fell in the ball of Jiří Sýkora, and the Junior World Champion did not make a valid attempt.

The first attempt jumped only 744 cm, but in the second series he had improved to 784 cm. “I was a bit more cautious not to make the same mistake as in Tábor,” he said, three passes to the Championship of the Czech Republic. “So the start was pretty safe. Fortunately, it finally blown into my back, “said the remote with a personal record of 815 cm.

Staňková has this life form and today’s performance came close to 16 centimeters personal record.The final limit has surpassed 2.32 meters without any difficulty.

On the other hand, Lucie Koudelová dropped in the 100 meters obstacle course and Marcela Pírková on the two-hundreds race.

Br /> 10.000 m: 1. Canova (Tur.) 31: 12.86 2. Félix (Portugal) 31: 19.03, 3. Grövdalova (Nor.) 31: / P>

200 m: 1. Mihalinecová (Slovenia) 23.01,…24.
400 m: 1. Van Leuveren (NY) 52.45.
100 m: 1. Pesiríduová (Greece) 12,98,…20.

< strong> 1. Fischer (Germany) 66,20,…8. Staňková (Czech Republic) 60,32 – moved to the finals.
Hammer: 1.Wlodarczyková (Pol.) 73.94,…4. Šafránková (Czech Republic) 70,04 – advanced to the final.
Sphere: 1. Schwanitz (Germany) 19.02,…15. Červenková (CZ) 16.56 – not standing. 200 m:
800 m: