No scandal hurt him, Blatter is FIFA boss again

ZURICH, BRATISLAVA. Not surprise. World football boss Joseph Blatter remains. In the elections of the President of FIFA she has won an overview for the fifth time.

Blatter supported mainly football associations in Africa, Asia and South America.

His opponent, Jordanian Prince Ali bin Hussein was no chance to succeed, but he managed to get in the first round enough votes to Blatter failed immediately.

the difference, however, was so significant that before the second ballot bin Hussein resigned.

“I thank all who have had the courage to support me.The next vote, however, will not go now, “he said just before the second kola.Európa threatened to boycott the World Cup

European countries before the elections threatened that if re-elected Blatter may boycott the World Cup.

English union boss however noted that the boycott is only possible if they are into it involved the whole of Europe, not just a few countries.

Blatter for the first time became president of the International football Federation in 1998. Since then succeeded in every the next elections. In Zurich won the mandate until 2019.Vizitka Sepp Blatter

– born 10thIn March 1936 Vispe (Switzerland), is a graduate of economics

1975-1981 Technical Director

Secretary General from 1981 to 1998

1998-present: member of the Executive Committee

1998-present: President

29th in May 2015 for the fifth time in a row he was elected president of FIFA

Since it is at the forefront of world football, FIFA became rich. For the years 2011 to 2014 revenues reached 5.7 billion US dollars FIFA. The reserve fund is 1.4 billion. Football has become a machine for peniaze.As predictable as it is depressing. All those FIFA members that voted for Blatter have betrayed the game they are supposed to cherish. – Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) 29thMay 2015Chce remedy reputation

With the increase in the financial strength of FIFA it began to accompany the increasing bribery scandals. Responsibility for them and from beneath Blatter refused all allegations are able to always twist.

“Many blame me, but I can not always keep an eye on each person. If anyone has ulterior motives, hidden them, “he says at the opening of Congress.

“In football no corruption instead. These were the acts of individuals for which we have lost confidence that we obtain from the back tomorrow. Await us difficult months, will be followed by more bad news. “He performs as a savior

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