OH: Brazilians worried, Nigeria celebrates the four-goal Eteba

Brazilians in the opening match of the home Olympic tournament lost points after a draw 0: 0 with South Africa. We had a lot of fun, especially after midnight, when in three matches the spectators saw 21 goals…

The Brazilians did not have a number of dangerous missiles, especially in the case of the largest star Neymara, or a half-hour count advantage. In the 60th minute the yellow card was awarded the second yellow card.

The Olympic gold is the only one missing in Brazil’s rich collection of football. This year, Rio Negro is set to lead Barcelona to the host country, but he has not come to the Khune goalkeeper today. In another big chance Gabriel Jesus scored in 68.Just a stick.

Last night at the very beginning of the men’s tournament with Iraq, they also drew no goals.

The Argentinians entered the championship, having won their final three Olympics in the final.Within 90 seconds (!), The Asians increased to 4: 0 and eventually thanks to the help of alternating Son Heung-mina and Suk Hyun-juna won clearly 8: 0.

Hattrick was then introduced to Leverkusen Ryu Seung- Woo, who also won two penalty kicks, yet someone else is the main hero of the night – straight four-legged Karo Etebo from Nigeria. Forir de Feirense was the main actor of the frenzied duel with Japan (5: 4), who could score a score of 2: 2 after 11 minutes.