The dwarf is bullying the NHL. How did Columbus become the NEJ team in the league?

Prepare to be serious. No, this is not the bunch of renegades that gets trimmed wherever he comes. Columbus, after sixteen years of age in the NHL, finally recognizes what it is to win. The long under-blue Blue Jackets are a sensation for the season. In the week, they even took the first place in the whole competition with a series of fourteen wins in a row, winning Winnipeg 5: 3 last night. And in the future it will be better!

When Columbus defeated Boston 4: 3 two days ago, the sold out arena applauded for a long time with the siren standing up with enthusiasm.It’s not a habit, but…It’s probably the first time their fans have a reason to celebrate the 16-year history of Blue Jackets in the NHL.

The under-the-average team was still in numbers in the league, ranging from defeat to defeat, In front of half-empty stands, only twice in play off and always finished in the first round. And now he’s a machine that cuts everything that comes in his way, and who knows, maybe he’s going to play Stanley Cup. Columbus won fourteen games in a row (Blue Jackets even the third longest winning series in NHL’s history, Pittsburgh’s 1992-93 absolute record, and three triumphs), and for the third time in a row, he was able to sell his otherwise desolate arena. Heats up the NHL’s table top and shocks overseas experts. This is a sensation of the season.After all, the Blue Jackets ended in the spring season from the end of the Eastern Conference Table. Like last year, before. Actually, almost as always…

“We were able to change our mentality,” coach John Tortorella immediately fired, where Columbus is better than ever. “We are mentally much better equipped with a team that fulfills the duties and understands what it is like to be a professional,” he says.

The accustomed team lost over the last season.

And the current series of winnings is the first result of his work. “We have an identity. That’s something we never had before, but you need it for success. We are a strong team, we have a good defense and the goalie, we play fast hockey.And most of us all believe ourselves, it was missing last year, “says Captain Nick Foligno.

1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 1, 1, 3…Burghers in Novokuznetsk. It is the number of goals scored in the last matches of the winning series by the Russian goalie and the clear candidate for Vezina Trophy. Blue Jackets just do not get goals. Good defense is not just about total concrete. On the contrary. Columbus has enjoyed his hockey since the start of the season, playing fast and offensive, at the same time responsibly. Players hold their positions, trust each other. They can be imaginative in the front, defending the middle zone.

That’s why other teams like Pittsburgh, Chicago or Washington have problems with sport bet it. Obviously, this is not always the case.Maybe Boston was able to play Columbus last time, he shot him 40:22 and was better. Only then is the luck and the fantastic performance of Bobrovsky goalkeeper. “There’s John Tortorella’s handwriting, you clearly see him. What he did not succeed in the World Cup with the Americans is doing now. He’s just a coach for the young players Columbus has a lot of. It requires discipline, structure, firm adherence to the system that the team will give. This is also related to offensive freedom, “notes the assistant of the Czech representation and the former Columbus player Václav Prospal. But there is another man who stands behind the missile take off of an eternally deprecated team. Jarmo Kekäläinen. Fifty-year-old Fin and the first European to become NHL Team Manager.That’s Tortorel’s tailored to the team. When Ryan Johansen had a tendency to trick the coach’s game last year, he was replaced in Nashville. And he was quiet. Now the cabin behind the coach listens to the word.

With the average age of 25.83, Blue Jackets have the fourth youngest team in the NHL, the organization literally buys talent. This is, in turn, a guarantee that the future of Columbus can be a much bigger fur than this season shows. The Lake Erie Farming Farm won the AHL in the spring, even in the current season being among the favorites of the competition. And three more of this year’s draft, Canadian striker Pierre-Luc Dubois, was placed in the junior. Let it grow calm. In other teams he may have played the NHL, Columbus afforded the luxury of letting him get married.The first team has a lot more players…

“Werenski, one of the best young players in the NHL at the back, has nothing to do with free sports bet anything. John Tortorella gives him tremendous time, he’s also on power-ups, that’s what he says, “Prospal thinks. He also thinks that Blue Jackets will be among the top league leagues in the coming years.

VIDEO: See Columbus defeating Winnipeg