The great Holuš in Monaco improved the Czech record, Spotáková finished third

Barbora Spotakova finished third at the Diamant League meeting in Monaco at 63.34. Like Belarus, Chaladovic won the Championship (65.62). Milada Jakub Holuša made the Czech record on the 1500 meter track 3: 33.36 minutes. Maxim’s own maximum from the last race in Stockholm improved by nine tenths of a second.

Milan Jakub Holuša made a Czech record on the 1500 meters course at 3:33, 36 minutes at the Diamant League meeting in Monaco. The maximum in the last race in Stockholm improved by nine tenths of a second.Jaroslav Barbora Špotáková had a performance of 63.34 meters in third place, Pavel Maslák finished for 45th at this year’s maximum of 45.13 seconds.

Holuša at Herculis meeting compensated disappointment from the recent European Championship in Amsterdam, where Was disqualified after winning the semifinals. In Monaco he won eighth place in world competition, in the best time of the year 3: 30,49 won Kenyan Ronald Kwemoi. Holuša was at the finish as the second European after the British star Mo Farah.

“I’m excited, it’s a huge performance,” Holuša broke up at Top Athletics. He made a great deal of self-confidence before the Olympic Games. “It is also proof that the form was great in Amsterdam, and the preparation brings results that I could not show at the European championship.I have to train now and I believe it will be even better. I feel the reserves, “he added.

The vicar of Europe Maslak compared to the current maximum of the semifinals of ME in 18 seconds, the time achieved in Monaco would have qualified for him in the finals in Amsterdam for a European title” Time belongs to my best Diamond Masters, “Maslák said after the eighth career.” I was doing well, but it was a bit overwhelmed because the last hundred was not good. There was also a fatigue from the European Championship that was challenging. Overall, however, I can not be dissatisfied, “he added.

Spatak also improved over the failed final of the ME, but still more than three meters behind the performance of this year’s world table (66,87).As in Amsterdam, Tatyana Chaladovičova (65.62) won the championship, Spathakova beat Kathrin Mitchell from Australia (63.80).

“I was satisfied, I felt second. , The fifth and sixth attempt made it go too far, but I was finally running, “said Spotakova. “It’s a shame that I did not beat either of the last two attempts because I finally felt like I was running and that it had energy. Now I will be able to train the kicks from the full start, the foot does not hurt me anymore, so I look up to Rio positively,” Added the Olympic winner who started the season later due to a fracture brace fracture.

The highlight of the meeting was the female eighth place she won at the best time of 1: 55,33 Caster Semenya.The South African Exterminator of the World has improved its own national record and moved to the twelfth place of historical tables. Time is also the maximum in the history of the Diamond League.

After Thursday’s attack in Nice just 21 km, the match was held after consulting the home federation with the monk Prince Albert, who gave the race a green one. The events at the stadium are limited to athletic competitions without ceremonies and an accompanying program. In Nice on Thursday evening, the assailant hauled the truck to the crowd that celebrated the public holiday on the street. He killed at least 84 people and injured more than a hundred.

Men’s athletic Diamond League:

Wind +0.1 m / s): 1. Edward (Pan.) 20.10, 2. Lemaitre (Fr.) 20.24, 3.

400 m: 1. Van Niekerk (JAR) 44.12, 2. Cedenio (Trin.) 44.34 3. Taplin (Gran.) 44, 38,…6.

1500 m: 1. Kwemoi 3: 30,49, 2. Manangoi (both Kenya) 3: 31,19, 3. Machlúfí (Alž.) 3:31 , 35,…8. Holuša (Czech Republic) 3: 33,36 – Czech record.

110 m (0.0): 1. Ortega 13.04, 2. Basque 13.12, 3. Martinot-Lagarde (both Fr.) 13.17.

3000 m: 1. Kipruto 8: 08.11, 2. Koech 8: 08.32, 3. Kipyego :

Height: 1. Tamberi (It.) 239, 2. Bondarenko (UK) 237, 3. Ghazal (Syria) 234. Forbes (Jam.) 823, 2. Lapierre (Austr.) 821, 3. Kao Sing-lung (China) 800.

Disk: 1. Malachowski (Pol.) 65.57, 2. Stahl (Sweden) 62.87, 3. Ortega (Col.) 62.27.


100 m (-0.5): 1. Schippers .) 10.94, 2.Campbell-Brown (Jam) 11,12, 3. Horn (JAR) 11,14.

800 m: 1. Semenya (JAR) 1: 55.33 2. Niyonsaba 1: 56,24 3. Wambui (Kenya) 1: 56,64.

3000 m: 1. Obori 8: 24,27 2. Cheron 8: 27,25 3. Kisa All Kenya 8: 28,33.

400 m: 1. Doyle (Brit.) 54.09, 2. Tate (USA) 54.63, 3. Petersen , 81.

Bull: 1. Stefanídiova (Greece) 481, 2. Silva (Cuba) 471, 3. Murerova (Brazil) 465. (Col.) 14.96 2. Rojas (Ven.) 14.64 3. Williams (Jam) 14.47. Ball: 1. Adams (N. Zél.) 20, 05. 2. Schwanitz (Germany) 19.81, 3. Carter (USA) 19.58.

Spear: 1. Chaladovičová (Běl.) 65.62, 2. Mitchellová (Austr.


800 m: 1. A.

Kipketer (Kenya) 1: 44,47, 2. Kszczot 1: 44,49, 3. Lewandowski (both Pol) 1: 44,59.

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