The Slovaks are waiting for the races that people have not seen yet. It will be a scrap of scrap, he says

BRATISLAVA. An unusual, but interesting and most demanding entry into the new season is waiting for the Slovak representative in Richard Vargas triatlone.

During the next three days, he will participate in the invitations in the Australian resort of Hamilton Island, Queensland. Super League, representing a new competition format in the triathlon.And it will be a good job for the invited twenty-seventh of the best triathletes in the world. Read also: Read also: The Triathlon will also start the Champions League, there will be also the Slovak

It will start on Friday at 7.30 CET Traditional swimming contests, ie swimming – cycling – running, but in markedly reduced volumes – 300 meters in water, 6 kilometers on a bicycle and 2 kilometers on their own.Then reverse the order of competitions, so running – cycling – swimming and finally cycling – swimming – running.

Between each race will break for ten minutes. Finally, three super short triathlons

That’s not nearly all.Saturday will continue cycling time trial at 6 km and in the afternoon on the differences in the time trial, the athletes presented the five-folds swimming – running – swimming – cycling – running.

It will be the same sprint volumes as of Friday – 300 water meters, 6 km bike and 2 km after vlastný //

Napokon on Sunday waiting for the final elimination of actors – have completed three super short triathlons / 300 m – 6 km – 2 km / s 10-minute break.

from the first to the second round forward the top 15 from the second to the final third round has only ten.From it emerges a winner Super pilot League.Varga: It’s absolutely brutal

The game will be interesting amount. The winning prize is 100 thousand Australian dollars, second in the overall ranking will receive 50 thousand AUD and the third 25-thousand AUD.

In tenth place will reward 2500 AUD. “It will be a race, what you have not seen – absolutely brutal, scrap meal containing ‘. I myself wondering how it all burn,” said Richard Varga’s Facebook on its presentation.Post by VargaTriathlon.

The unusual three-day triathlon zápolenie invented Australian Chris McCormack, a multiple medalist of the most important and most difficult world of triathlon competition and winner of the Hawaii Ironman from 2007 and 2010.

The error should not officials the absolute world leaders – British brothers Alistair and Jonathan Brownleeovci, Spaniards Javier Gómez and Mario Mola and Australian Aaron Royle. The invitation has fled the 11 triathletes last year’s Olympics Varga.

“In such a society triathlon stars from around the world I am very excited. I’m glad I was among them.For me it will be an unusual start to a new season, which will focus mainly on the world championship series, “Richard Varga said in a January press conference in Bratislava.