Atlantic City Casino Resort

Atlantic City Casino Resort
Occasionally its not even close. Whether you’re redeeming a night which ends up booking twice stay that discharged from a 0 publicized speed to over 0 total or costing, taxes and the fees are an element of booking rooms. In Atlantic City, the resort tax rate is a whopping 13.625%, and NJ tacks on a $3 occupancy fee along with a $2 tourism advertising fee each and every night you stay. All that’s before you get hit by the resort fee, that’s the hotels manner of providing you with a package of amenities in one low cost maintaining the cost while increasing their Average Daily Rate low. 

To make things more confusing, the hotel fee and $2 tourism advertising fee are subject to the country tax resorts differ on whether or not the taxes are included in the resort fee that is listed, and whilst the occupancy fee that is $3 is not. Digesting that all? In the sake of clearing up this, below is a list of hotel fees at Atlantic City casino hotels. The Successful Fee is a combo of the hotel fee, taxes on that fee and the country tourism advertising fee that is. More simply, its the distinction between the advertised rate and what you actually wind up paying per night. 

Atlantic City Resort Fee Comparison: Resort – Resort Fee – Tax Included? Successful Fee – Confirmed: Ballys – $23.71 – NO – $32.21 – 7\/31\/18 – Borgata – $15.00 – NO – $22.31 – 7\/31\/18 – Caesars – $23.71 – NO – $32.21 – 7\/31\/18 – Golden Nugget – $15.00 – YES – $20.00 – 1\/10\/19 – Hard Rock – $15.00 – NO – $21.31 – 8\/4\/18 – Harrahs Resort – $23.71 – NO – $32.21 – 7\/31\/18 – Ocean – $20.00 – NO – $27.99 – 7\/31\/18 – Resorts – $17.08 – YES – $22.08 – 7\/31\/18 – Tropicana – $17.00 – NO – $24.59 – 7\/31\/18 – Thanks To Linda from the Facebook Group for allowing us understand what she paid on that a 1 night comped remain at Ocean. 

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This is also based on Oceans FAQ this states, Your room reservation is subject to your room rate, plus 13.625% taxes, the Resort fee, the Atlantic City Tourism fee, and State Occupancy fee plus applicable taxes. Nevertheless, attempting to book through Oceans web site gives different actual rates based on the room rate, that makes no sense. says Ocean collects a $22.53 hotel fee, which would mean a $27.53 successful fee after $5 in NJ fees. Its worth note this these fees are waived for elite status holders from a lot of the casinos players clubs.